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Regional Science Centre, Dharwad

June 9, 2012

During my visits to Karnatak University's Botanical Garden I'd seen construction activities but did not know it would be a science center. Dharwad Regional Science Centre was inaugurated by Shri. Mallikarjuna Kharge, Honorable Union Minister of Labor & Employment on February 27, 2012.

The Science Center broadly has two parts-
1. Center House (indoor)
2.Science Park. (outdoor)

The Center House has subject wise sections-
1. Indian Science & Technology Heritage
2. Taramandala
3. Fun Science
4. Biomachines
5. 3D Theater

The Science Park is spread out in the well planned garden. It has several exhibits pertaining to physics but the main attraction is the pre-historic animal park.

I started my tour at around 3-30PM, ticket cost was Rs.15. I started at the Center House. The ground floor is mostly occupied by Indian Science & Technology Heritage section. A scale model of Qutb Minar, Konark Sun temple, Konark Wheel, and many more monuments.

I went clock-wise around the ground floor starting with the Time Line of Indian Science and Technology followed by Technology Traditions of Indus valley, Harappans the first town planners, Glimpses of Harappan technology, Shell bangle making, Origins of Textiles, and many more exhibits related to fields of science, mathematics, medicines, music and arts.

Scenes of ancient civilization.

ancient civilization

Indus vallet civilization

ancient civilization

Capsules on various aspects of ancient Indian society.

weights and measures
Yarghu - The Portable Cannon Cleaner
Yarghu is a portable cannon barrel cleaning device designed for the Mughal army by the 16th century Iranian engineer Fathullah Shirazi. The device which was way ahead of its time in terms of technology could be run by just one ox. Fathullah Shirazi a native of Iran migrated to India on invitation from Sultan Ali Adil Shah of Bijapur. Later on Emperor Akbar's invitation moved to Agra. Besides Yarghu, Fathullah Shirazi designed other utilitarian devices such as; a portable cannon, a seventeen-barreled cannon fired with a matchlock, and a portable flour mill.

Fathullah Shirazi's Yarghu

A mural depicting ancient Indian doctors performing surgery.


Capsules on metallurgy; smelting and foundries.

This is part of the Center House connects the ground floor to the first floor. The first floor of consists of 3 sections- Fun Science, Biomachines and 3-D theater.

Center House

Fun Science gallery is a collection of interactive exhibits which make physics entertaining and interesting. You can operate & observe the exhibits and understand the laws of physics easily.

physics, maths

Regional Science Centre, Dharwad

This gallery, as the name indicates, gives an overview of the world of amazing biomachines.

Regional Science Centre

Regional Science Center Dharwad

The Science Park is a collection of models of various mechanical devices and prehistoric animals.

Path from the Science Center entrance to the Center House flanked by busts of Indian scientists..

Timings & Entry Fees

10AM – 6PM through the week. Note ticket counter closes at 5-15 PM.

Entry Fees to Science Center
Public: Rs.15
Child/Student:  Rs.5 & Rs. 3 per head for organized school/college students group

Entry Fees to 3D Theatre
Public: Rs.10
Child/Student:  Rs.5 & Rs. 3 per head for organized school/college students group

Entry Fees to Taramandala
Public: Rs.5
Child/Student:  Rs.1

Website: Dharwad Regional Science Centre



Dr Jayanta Sthanapati said...

This is an excellent review of the Science Centre. Photography is superb. Congratulations.

siddeshwar said...

Thank you, Sir.

Unknown said...

Is it open on Sundays?..

Unknown said...

Is it open on Sundays?..

siddeshwar said...

Yes, open on weekends.

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