Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What to see in Dharwad?

Dharwad is situated on Malnad-Baylseeme (plains-hilly region) border. Most parts of the city is hilly. Decades ago Dharwad was a town of seven lakes & ponds and mango orchards. The town had its identity as a education center and retirees' haven. Tiled roof houses surrounded by huge open space filled with tall trees and creepers were typical homes. Well, urbanization has changed life at Dharwad - its losing the charm rapidly. Yet, Dharwad is a nice place with plenty of interesting spots. Here's a list of places you must see.
  1. Tapovan - This is the ashram established by Shri. Kumaraswamiji- a yogi, a philosopher, a humanist, a writer and a social reformer. The ashram's gardens creates a peaceful ambiance.
  2. Karnatak University Dharwad (KUD) - Established in 1950, KUD is the one of oldest universities of India. Within the campus are several interesting places; the Botanical Garden, History and Geology museums.
  3. Botanical Garden of KUD is a home to rare plant species. One of the main attractions is Krishnae Ficus trees. This is also home to variety of birds and insects.
  4. Dharwad Regional Science Center, KUD - a museum which makes learning enjoyable, wonderful place to spend quality time for children and grownups alike.
  5. Ramakrishna Ashram - this is the Dharwad chapter of Ramakrishna Mission.
  6. Ulavi Basaveshwara Gudi - this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is situated on a hillock, is probably the highest point of Dharwad. The temple is small but has lot of open space and greenery around it.
  7. Kargil Stupa - A memorial to Indian army soldiers from North Karnataka who were killed at Kargil. The memorial is located just across District Collector's office.
  8. Karnatak College Dharwad (KCD) building - constructed during the pre-independence times, the red building was meant to house Indian Railways offices.
  9. Kittur Chennamma Park - named in memory of the warrior queen of Kittur who fought against the British army to retain freedom of her late husband's kingdom. Within the park is a memorial to John Thackeray the British collector who was killed in the rebellion at Kittur.
  10. University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS) - Established in 1986 USA, Dharwad is a major center for agricultural research & education.
  11. Kelageri lake - one of the major lakes Dharwad has a 100+ year history. Migratory water birds camp at Kelgeri lake between November and April. Early morning is the best time to see them feeding.
  12. Sandankeri - this little pond is known for its landscaped gardens, boating and musical fountain. The garden is open from dawn to 8 PM. Musical fountain show happens on Saturdays, Sundays and government holidays. 
  13. Bendre Bhavan - A memorial to Jnanapith awardee Shri Dattatraya Ramachandra Bendre (Da Ra Bendre) one of the foremost poets of Karnataka and India. Bendre bhavan is situated just across Sadankeri.
  14. Prashantadhama ~ Durgadevi temple - a temple complex situated within the police headquarters campus right next to Sadankeri.
  15. Remains of Dharwad Qila gates.
  16. Nuggikeri lake - is situated in a valley on the city outskirts. On the lake bank is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The lake creates a relaxing atmosphere during sunset. However the place is bit crowded on Saturdays, the day of Hanuman.
  17. Someshawara Gudi and Shalmala Ugamasthala - This XII century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva has a peaceful ambiance. The 2½' tall black stone sculpture of Basavanna (Nandi) is a beauty not to be missed. A stone's throw from Someswara temple is the birth place of river Shalmala. The river flows through the jungles of western ghats and on its banks are historical places such as Shasralinga and Sonda fort near Sirsi.
  18. Sanjeevini Park - is a hill garden created by Karnataka Forest Department about 8 kms on Dharwad-Hubli road.
  19. Banashankari temple - this XII century temple built during Kalyana Chalukyan rule is situated in the village of Amargol about 12 kms on Dharwad-Hubli road.
  20. Teachers Training Institute building - constructed during the pre-independence times, the group of red buildings was meant to house Indian Railways offices. The main building's twin tower is an architectural beauty.
  21. Collection of ancient sculptures at Police Headquarters campus, opposite residential school.
  22. Murgamata - a Lingayath monastery with a long history. The Mata supports school and college going boys from simple surrounding villages by providing them boarding & lodging within the monastery campus.
  23. Dattatreya Gudi - once upon a time, a temple on lake bank. Da Ra Bendre was a regular visitor to this temple.
  24. Basel Mission Church - Probably the oldest church in Dharwad was established in 1836.
..and if you are a visitor to this city, do try out jolada rotti oota at one of the Kahanawalis of Dharwad and remember to taste pedha at Babusingh Thakur Pedha shop in Line Bazar.

You might want to know what's around Dharwad.. check this post - places around Dharwad.

Note: list updated on October 8, 2013, new places have been added to the list but not marked in map.


Kumudha said...

I'm from Bangalore, but never been to Dharwad...

Thanks for all the info!

siddeshwar said...

You are welcome Kumudha.

Mandar Parkhi said...

Thanks sidheshwar, i visited kittur chennamma park and karnataka college dhrwad. Great places for morning walk / running / exercise. Also visted basappa khanavali - great local cuisine.

siddeshwar said...

Hi Mandar, welcome to Dharwad!

Anuradha Goyal said...

Please add Gangothri - Gangubai Hangal's birthplace to your list

Ananth said...

This is great information, a guide for all the visitors.
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