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December 17 2011, between Somapur and Dharwad


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Plain Tiger under a mango leaf

Sunday morning I was at uncle's place for breakfast. While poori and vegetables got ready I went for a walk in the mango garden behind the house looking for spiders. Exploring the trees, I spotted this beautiful creature. My first thought why was it upside down? I approached it slowly and hurriedly took few shots expecting it to flutter away.

The little friend was unperturbed. Perhaps it was still cold and trying to get warm. The Tiger was flapping its wings real slow ...may be flapping is not the right word. Probably it wanted sun light to fall on its body too.

The Tiger continued to move wings for couple of minutes.

Sun light passing through the Tiger's wings casts a gold hue on the mango leaf.

The Tiger is absolutely still now.

I was happy my presence did not disturb my little friend.