Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More delicately balanced Parijatas

When I shot this photo, I did not know the bee was on the flower.

I love the way this flower's hanging on to the leaf. Real neat.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Cosmos on the sidewalk

One of my favorite flowers... simple but beautiful.


Delicately balanced Parijata flower

This was interesting to shoot. I had to climb a chair to come within range for my cell phone camera.

The small Parijata tree at Appanna Uncle's place is full of flowers. It's a nice sight to look at. The six-petalled flower is so simple with just white and orange yet so beautiful.
Simplicity is beauty.

This is one of the many flowers used for poojas in Indian traditions.


Another eight legged friend

Found this spider at Ajji's mango garden in Dharwad. Deepak told me this spider can spin webs 25 feet across. I took almost 10 mins to shoot this picture since the sun was getting into the lens.

Trying to get another shot, my arm brushed the web... the spider was a brave one... it moved just a couple inches from the center.