Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bullocks and Oxen of Hangarki

Hattikatgi Suresh with 'Vaadae's bullocks'. Vaadae means little fort.

Jitti Madavali with his bullocks... carrying 'renti' on the 'nagaa'.

Shetyappa cultivating sugarcane fields with Malkaji Nagangoudar's bullocks.

Shetyappa cultivating with 'renti'... preparing fields for monsoon sowing

Gangayya Meti. 'kunti' is being taken to the fields. 'kunti' is used to loosen the top layer of top soil so that weeds dry out.

Erayya Meti with 'kilari' breed of bullocks.

...this post will be updated as and when I shoot more pictures

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