Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Prashanta Dhama ~ Shri Durgadevi temple complex

Prashanta Dhama is the name given to the temple complex at Dharwad's police campus. The campus is situated right next to Sadankeri (Sadana Kere). Within the complex are five temples dedicated to Ganapati, Eshwara, Durgadevi, Hanuman and Navagraha.

This is the arch at the main entrance of the complex ~ Mahadwara..

Prashantadhama's Mahadwara
Two stone plaques on either sides of the Mahadwara..

Ganapati Mandir
Banyan tree
Eshwar Gudi
Tulasi Brindavan & Navagraha Mantap
Hanuman Mandir
Durgadevi Gudi
painting of 'OM' on Durgadevi Gudi wall


Anita said...

This Temple is one f my favorite places in DWD. During my childhood my parents worked as teachers in police headquarters, so daily we use to come to this temple in the afternoon to play hide and seek. Its very well maintained by police dept and its very calm and pleasant place. I really miss it.

Thank u so much for adding this beautiful temple pics.

Pushpa said...

Beautiful pictures sir.......... :)

Mala Kulkarni said...

pictures have come out very nice...especially BANYAN TREE photo is looking more beautiful than the real one.. i think credit goes to your photography.

Manjula Umesh said...

Cool pics, peaceful ambiance of the place captured effectively..

siddeshwar said...

It really is a peaceful place.

Thank you everyone.