Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Indian Grey Hornbill

After 4 years and several attempts I could get few shots of this evasive bird.

Indian Grey Hornbills are known a Korkonchi among rural folks.

Orchard owners don't this bird because it steals fruits.

It usually is perched on tall trees, suspicious, terribly shy and ever ready to take off.



Dimitra Decorasylum said...

Good day Shiddheswar! On this tiny part of the world, I am the proud mother of two baby-blackbirds, that my mother in law found all by themselves at a field today and they are not shy at all!

siddeshwar said...

That's really kind of you Dimitra. Some birds/animals are fine with humans or other creatures. Couple of weeks back, one morning two kittens came to my kitchen window, they kept calling me until I went out and spoke to them. I felt they were hungry but sadly there was no milk :(

Good day to you!

Dimitra Decorasylum said...

Actually, I believe it has nothing to do with kindness but respect, respect for the rest of the creatures of this planet. You can see photos of them here: We were really not prepared at all for having birds but they seem to do fine although our house is starting to look like a zoo (already have a dog and the house came with a cat that now has two kittens....)

siddeshwar said...

Your are right Dimitra, it is respect for fellow creatures.