Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hiptage Benghalensis Malpighiaceae

I had seen this vine during most of my visits to Botanical Garden. Some how I paid attention to this climber today.
Hiptage (Hiptage benghalensis) is a climbing vine or vine-like shrub that bears clusters of fringed white and yellow flowers. Its leathery leaves occur in pairs (opposite each other on the stem), and it produces winged fruits which are spread by wind. Hiptage grows in dense thickets, smothering other plants. Hiptage benghalensis is native to India, south China, Malaysia, and the Philippines.
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Some of the curves and loops reminds me of Lissajous diagrams I learnt in III year engineering..

A study states that this plant has insecticidal and repellent properties. To read about it visit this site-

A closer look at the vines.

These woody vines can climb to 30 m. More info at


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