Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Little ones of Amargol

Saturday I had been to Amargol to see the ancient Chalukyan Banashankari temple. While driving through the narrow lanes of the village I happened to pass by Hanuman temple and went in. A pleasant surprise: the village's Baalvadi is in the temple :)

girl in white distributing prasaad
little girl getting her palm scribbled

little one holding yellow bag crying to go home


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Manjula Umesh said...

:) I had seen such school ( in a Durgadevi temple) at my Mother 's village (near to Kundagol) in fact had attended classes for 2-3 days with my cousins, it was a fun..a different experience, sitting on floor spreading mats, where I got a diff view of schooling.Once the class was taken for two different std students in the temple, as it had a big hall & fun started as one class students started reciting maggi i.e, tables (mathematical tables) & others started more loudly Kannada Vernamaale.. still I remember .. :D, teachers were so generous they let me to attend the classes.