Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hanuman Langurs

A langur gang is a regular visitor to Sanmatinagar. The gang consists of 15 to 18 langurs, a regular family ...old, young and babies. It seems they visit certain spots at a particular time. They come to our street after noon and hang around for an hour and move on to a different street.

These monkeys are called gray langurs or Hanuman langurs.

One of our neighbors was feedings them peanuts. A gang of 8 to 10 competed for peanuts. The neighbor's  year old dog Rocky wasn't happy about his master feedings monkeys. Some how Rocky managed to unleash himself and chased away two young langurs. The gang scattered and the neighbor went to retrieve his pet.

 I offered few slices of bread to our friends. The ones which got bread slices sat on my car's roof and house wall to enjoy the snack. At one point of time there were four langurs on the car. Oh! I got it now. After all my car is a Maruthi :)

This langur wanted to be alone ...pondering something. The elderly one seem to be worried about the future of its younger ones. Man cuts trees, fills up lakes, flattens hills, makes roads, raises buildings and what not. Where do we live and what do we eat and drink if man wants everything for himself?

Its time man thought and took action about his own generations to come; protect and preserve natural resources. Its time we stopped destroying in the name of development. It's time man learned to live an let other beings live.


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