Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Technologies you should know about

This morning, a colleague called me to inform that she was unable to access her work email but websites were opening. "I'm trying to connect since 7 'O clock. I'm not able to open any email account. What to do now?" Since I could log into my email, I guessed problem may not be with work email accounts. I suggested her to switch off/on modem, restart PC, and check. If problem persists call me. Few minutes later, I see her chat message. Wow, problem solved!

So, that's SOSO Technology in action. SOSO = Switch Off, Switch On. See it actually works for PCs, modems, printers, mobile phones, and many other electrical/electronic stuff most times unless the problem is serious.

SOSO Technology is the younger sibling of HLM Technology. HLM = Hathodi Leke Maar which translates to hit with a hammer. For slightly delicate items, a good rap with your palm will do. While SOSO is for electrical/electronic gadgets, HLM is for mechanical stuff like locks, clocks, toys, workshop gear, etc.

Satish, a long time friend of mine, was the one who introduced the term 'HLM Technology' mid 1990s. With four years of experience in IT field, I came up with a term 'SOSO Technology' Technologies existed, its only the terminologies we introduced.


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