Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sounds within

About two weeks back I remembered an incident which happened years ago when dad was still with us.

I pressed my palms flat against my ears, shutting out all outside sounds to it and held them in place. A second or two later I realized I could still hear something ...a deep hum, like sound of river flowing in a distance. I'd asked dad what the sound was and the answer was- that's the sound of blood flowing inside you. Wow! I closed my ears and kept listening to the sound...

I asked few of my colleagues and friends to close their ears with their palm and tell what they could hear. Some said nothing. Some they did hear something but did not know what it was.

I'd also asked a special friend- a little girl who's going to be 3 years next month -to try it. First answer was 'don't know'. When asked again the little one's answer was 'washing machine'. What a smart answer that was!


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Shilpa Vernekar said...

Ha ha ha... washing machine? Washing what :)