Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I was in high school (mid 80s) when I first heard about Sri Kumara Swamiji and Tapovan. I remember coming here few times with granny, mom, Deepak, Suresh mama and cousins. As far as I remember, I saw Swamiji just one time. Praveen, my mom's brother, had told me that Swamiji could read our minds just by looking at our faces. I was... what to say ...little nervous about facing Swamiji. Later when I met Swamiji, I realized he was the most gentle person I'd ever seen.

That's the room he used to spend most of his time meditating. Devotees would wait outside this little room to get a chance to see and speak to this great saint. I remember sitting there waiting for Swamiji to emerge from the room. He would be seated on the little platform while he spoke to the devotees. People would come here asking for advice on several problems. We too were here to seek advice to improve my parents' strained relationship. Swamiji had suggested dad should feed sajji grains to sparrows every morning for few months. I wondered how that could help and many years later realized how it worked. Watching little birds hop and pick grains thrown at them had a calming effect on a troubled mind. Many years later I picked the habit of feed pigeons at Manish Complex.

Going back to childhood days, I remember Deepi, Suresh mama and two little cousins spend a week or so here at Sumeru, living quarters for devotees. Deepak had described how much fun it was. It seems they would wake around 5AM, take cold bath, say prayers and do Yoga. I was happy not to been there ...cold bath at 5AM! Madness! Food would be served in the kitchen. Memories are sketchy aged woman did the cooking, something like that. Many years later I realized the spiritual benefits of this routine. Though I never did Yoga, I've been taking cold bath for many years now. A two minute after bath prayer is a part of my routine for the last few years.

The Divine Temple is a meditation hall for devotees. Strict rules apply to those who wish to meditate inside. Devotees are supposed to take a bath, dress in fresh white clothes, write "HE PRABHO PRASEED AUM" 1008 times to qualify for an entry into The Divine Temple. I asked the caretaker I wanted to experience it. He asked me to write my name and contact number in a register. I would be contacted for my turn. I asked for a tentative date. Caretaker's words left me dumbfounded- may be two years. Wow! I'm still waiting for that call.

Back those days Tapovan was 4kms away from Dharwad. Today, the city is grown that far slowly swallowing the ashram...


Friday, July 23, 2010

Riddle i created

What is that one can give but does not have?
What is that one can take but cannot keep?


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

heard on Breakfast with Chris Evans, BBC2

A chicken was walking on London streets and bumped into James Bond.

James Bond introduces himself "I'm Bond, James Bond."

The chicken responds back "I'm Ken, Chic Ken."



Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Is this Love?

Trees are there standing peacefully providing fresh air, shade and what not.

And look at how it gets paid back.

Why did this tree have to suffer for these vandals' love?


Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunday afternoon at Botanical Garden

This year's rainy season reminds me of Year 2000 ...failed monsoon rains. Many plants in Botanical Garden's greenhouse looked dull because of lack of water.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No limits to Nature's creativity

My mind was in a turmoil. I just wanted to stop thinking about the issue. This outing did help me to some extent...


Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I totally agree with this message. This message is not just for models but also for many girls who lead a footloose lifestyle or trying to lead such a life thinking it's the trend. Girls should wake up and realize that they are messing up their own lives. Parents also are equally responsible for their children's lives, they should keep track of the kind of people they mix with.

I've seen shocking postings on social networks like Orkut and Facebook. They just share messages with strangers without care. For them having many friends and 100s of scarps on their profiles is a kind of status symbol. They do not even pause to think 'what if someone misuses the information'. Utterly immature behavior.

Here's the transcription of the letter...

Model Perks

Sir, Of late cases of suicides are on the rise-involving young girls, most of them celebreties. In most of teh cases the parents are totally unaware of goings on in their children's life.

The recent case of Viveka Babjee is a glaring example of the craze for celebrity lifestyle. It is a sad fact that no matter how liberated men are, they do not settle down with such girls. They are friends just for their flings. Once their carnal desires are satisfied, they move over to greener pastures. Thay also dupe them by false assurances of marriage and conviniently back out. In most of the cases, the men do not match the fame and celebrity status of the models.

The models are under the misconception that because of their fancy, footloose and fast lives theya re independent - which they so blatantly flaunt. But independence from what?

The so called independence is fraught with dangers. A model is under pressure to maintain celebrity lifestyle, which entails keeping the body svelte and in top condition. As nature takes it's toll, the end is all too inevitable. Such incidents should be a wake-up call for young girls that this kind of lifestyle is not a bed of roses but a mirage.



Monday, July 5, 2010

Thackrey Memorial at Kittur Chennamma Park

Thackeray memorial: after & before renovation.

Now the structure looks dull. The earlier color scheme looked better.

This obelisk was raised to the memory of St John Thackeray, a British collector and political agent for the Southern Mahratta Doab region, who was killed in the rebellion at Kittur on 23rd October 1824. Thackeray was slain by Amatur Balappa in a battle between British forces and Kittur Rani Chennamma's army. Thackeray was buried with full military honours in an European cemetery which is the present day Maniqilla area of Dharwad.