Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shankar Nag

...one of my favorite actors. Shankar Nag had style and taste.

I watched Ondanondu Kaladalli once on TV sometime 80s and never got a chance to see it again. I still yearn to watch it again. I watched many of his movies. Songs from the movie Geeta are classy, they are still my favorite. His Malgudi Days are just unforgettable.

Yesterday I got an email from a Kannada group with a link to Shankar Nag's last interview. It's just audio, 23 minutes ... short. Never the less, I felt great listening to a genuine Kannada Kanmani.



Arshiya Naaz said...

Great! Malgudi Days reminds me my childhod days. Ans Mr. Nag my favourite actor from Kannada flim industry. He is Just a Legend:)

ANIL said...

Watched Ondanondu Kaladalli last week on Videogirmit. A Terrific movie and great Actors. Shankar's 1st movie...Acting like it came so Natural to him.