Wednesday, October 23, 2013

ಸಾಧನಕೆರೆ ~ Sadankere ~ Sadankeri

Welcome to Sadankeri. This is the north entrance.
A footpath around the pond makes this place a favorite for morning walkers.
The iconic palm. There's another palm to the right, out of sight.
Map of Sadankeri pond and gardens.
Art work close to eastern entrance.
Footpath along the eastern boundary.
Way to musical fountain.
Well maintained garden of hibiscus and other flowers.
Recreation: boating, toy train, musical fountain, food court and amphitheater.
Varakavi Dr. Bendre, recipient of Jnanpith award for Kannada literature.

Collection of ancient sculptures including a Jain image.
A gaggle of goose can be seen wandering about.
Close to food court is this art work depicting a woman performing Yoga.
Open air theater.
Tree on a tree.
Mango garden
Man, woman and child.
Girls riding a paddle boat.
One of the many shaded paths.
Sadankeri is open from 5 AM to 8-30 AM, no entry fee. Gates remain closed between 8-30 AM and 10 AM. Then it is open again from 10 AM to 8 PM, entry fee for adults is Rs. 10. Musical fountain show is only on Saturdays, Sundays and government holidays - 7-30 PM to 8 PM. Separate charges apply for boating, toy-train, and other amusements.

Places to see in Dharwad.


Pushpa said...

Beautiful pictures of Sadhankeri Park........

Cathreen David said...

Nice pictures Sir

Dimitra Decorasylum said...

A very beautiful place for walks indeed!

Anita said...

15 years back it was just a small lake. Now they have made it so beautiful in which all the age people can enjoy there. Very good development.........

Manjula Umesh said...

The name Baro Sadanakeregey itself will be close to heart for those who knows about Dr Da Ra Bendre/Bendre Ajja...