Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ancestral Marvel

The greenest, most down-to-earth off-road vehicle ever built on the face of this planet. It’s been around for ages without any major changes in the design. The design was engineered by farmers to suit their needs centuries ago. For a farmer, it’s an all purpose vehicle- farm machine, family transport and sports vehicle. You don’t need a license to drive one and absolutely no age limit.

Powered by twin engines, the maximum output is two ox-power. Yes, ox-power. (a unit of ox-power is much higher than horse-power). The engine and gearbox are built into one unit with intelligent control system. Controls are through reigns- both speed and direction, assisted by voice commands. The driver has all the freedom of position- sit, squat, stand or lie down. Who cares! When the route is fixed, the vehicle can go into auto-pilot- the driver can catch with his sleep.

The vehicle is designed to carry as much as a farmer can load it- it’s self limiting. It cannot really be over-loaded. The vehicle can go into tipper mode; driver can dump cargo if required.

This vehicle runs on both, fresh or preserved fuel, straight from Mother Earth- no need of processing it. The exhaust too is nature-friendly; in fact it converts to manure, contributing to the farmers’ resources. Relatively, this vehicle is a step ahead in being eco-friendly- no sound pollution or light pollution.

Man invented automobiles, did everything to make them powerful and fast, made them luxurious and finally realized he had polluted the very air he breathed. With fuel prices sky-rocketing, man started thinking about alternative and renewable energy. Undisturbed by the modern man's circus, the simple Indian farmer still relies on wonderful age old invention of his ancestors.

Want to see what this marvel is?


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