Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Flavored Ceylon tea

Memories of 1989: in our apartment building was a friend named Ujuta Bandara from Sri Lanka. He was in Bangalore for his graduation. During one of the visits home he brought us tea packed in neat little wooden boxes, four different flavors. I remember two flavors- Cherry and Apple.

The box design was simple but attractive. Notice the drawing depicting traditional Sri Lankan dance on the side face.

On the bottom were instructions for making preparing tea. I simply loved the taste of both Cherry and Apple teas. I guess that's when I developed a taste for black tea. Now this box is a property of my niece Durga.

Instructions at the bottom & Transcription of steps.
The flavored tea were a product of Mlesna (Ceylon) Ltd., Colombo. If flavored tea interests you, check out the range of products online- Mlesna.


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