Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How I sleep cool in summer?

Over the last few years I've simplified my sleeping equipment to the basics. A 7' x 4' cotton mat (jamkhana), a bedspread, pillows, a cotswool blanket, and a mosquito net. I spread the mat on the floor, the bedspread on the mat and the mosquito net hangs by it's four corners. Believe me it's bliss inside. Body heat is absorbed by the floor, the net keeps the pesky mosquitoes away and the blanket is optional. In this is set up I do not even need a fan instead I keep windows open. Simple, right?

My thoughts on conventional setup:
  • if you depend on AC or cooler or fan, a power-cut is likely to disrupt your sleep
  • noise generated by AC/cooler/fan has an effect on your sleep and also your mind
  • mattresses insulates heat and you need AC/cooler/fan to cool you down

The thought of sleeping on hard surface could be uncomfortable but once you get used to it, you may never want to sleep on a mattress. I personally believe sleeping on hard surfaces helps improve blood circulation and reduce fat accumulation to an extent. Don't ask me how, but I feel it does. Also the temptation to oversleep gets curbed.

There could be thousands of people who sleep on hard surfaces, yet I thought I should share the experience. Final thought- this setup is cool and green.


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