Thursday, November 5, 2009

Roads Under Construction - will it ever get completed?

People are remembered for good deeds and also bad deeds. Looks like Karnataka Government officers and road contractors of the state have chosen the second option ...the easy way.

Work to improve roads began roughly eight months back. The irony is ever since the so called improvement work began road-users plight is miserable especially pedestrians. The tarmac was scrapped off exposing the dirt below, so when vehicles run over this surface dust is kicked up. People living in the vicinity have patiently put up with a lot of trouble and the people responsible for the mess are indifferent to the situation and do not seem to be in a hurry to get the work completed.

It's months since two main streets of the city are closed for repairs;
1. Court Circle to Railway Station
2. Jubilee Circle to KCD Circle


1. Buses are not able to ply through their regular routes and commuters are forced to walk long distances in dusty conditions to reach their destinations. Imagine the plight of the office-workers, students, physically challenged and the aged ... it's real bad.

2. Diversion of traffic to arterial roads running through residential areas and now people of those localities have to put up with inconvenience caused because of increased traffic.

KCD Circle

Near LIC Building

Near Head Post Office and Bassel Mission School

Near Yemmikeri Government School

As if this was not enough, recently one of the contractors dumped few truck-loads of metal (khadi) in the middle of the road between Hubli Toll Naka and Axis Bank. Vehicle-users were put to lot of inconvenience. Eventually the road was cleared. Many thanks to those who got it done.

Few questions definitely come to people's mind (but majority of them do not choose to express even though the same majority would have voted to bring the politicians to power).

A. Is there no fixed deadline to complete road repair works?

B. Don't the officials in-charge ever notice the pathetic conditions?

C. Don't the road contractors ever feel guilty for having put citizens to so much of inconvenience?

D. Why do people put up with all this non-sense (me included)?

It's time officials and contractors rolled up their sleeves and get things done.



Shilpa said...

The LIC-KCD-University road has been under repair conditions for almost like forever.

Arshiya Naaz said...

I'M really not understanding..??? whether they are planning for beautification of city or making it more dirty....:(